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Jeff City: We Heart Local Chambers

It was in Jefferson City — the Show-Me state capital — that we learned to appreciate a good Chamber of Commerce. It was our first trip, and we didn’t really know what we were doing.  On a whim, I called the Jefferson City Chamber.  “Hello, my name is Scott Schaefer.  I’m a business professor at […]


Council Bluffs, Iowa

Council Bluffs would appear to be just a nice, quiet suburb of Omaha, Nebraska, which sits on the other side of the Mississippi River. But Council Bluffs has a lot of charm and excitement of its own. Some people come for the casinos that sit along the river. Gambling has slowly become a larger part […]


Small Business In South Africa

Along with some of my colleagues at the Stanford Business School, I spent last week traveling to South Africa to meet with local businesspeople and politicians. While not exactly the crazy Spring Break involving beer and bikinis that some people crave, it was an extremely interesting week. When Mike, Scott, and I go around the […]


Saint Joseph, Missouri

Saint Joseph, Missouri sits on the Missouri River about 50 miles north of Kansas City.  The town was once the eastern terminus of the Pony Express, and was also the “jumping off point” for the Oregon Trail.  The town played an important role in the settlement of the American West. And the local residents haven’t […]


Mountains, Nut Graphs, and Leitmotif

Instead of giving you any insight into how a small business can operate effectively, today we give you a look inside the process of creating a book about small business. The Roadside MBA team (Mike, Scott, Paul, and Paul’s retriever Josie) is currently sequestered in a scenic cabin near Lake Tahoe. Over the last few […]